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Asian Studies Continue at RMS

Last week on April 17th Romulus Middle School had a special guest speaker and the students really dug it. Dr. Rory Walsh, an Archeologist from the University of Michigan visited to give a lecture and set up an archeological dig for thirty 6th and 7 th graders. Students learned about shipwrecks, trade routes, Asian valuables, geography, and got to do a bit of digging. Dr. Walsh spoke about what an archeologist does, talked about being an underwater archeologist, and set up a dig for our students. Students found pottery, spices like salt and paper, and bronze and silver bowls. The students used a grid to be specific about where they found each item and made conjectures about where the item may have come from. The students enjoyed the hands-on experience and we appreciate the partnership with the University of Michigan to extend our learning beyond the classroom.